Put Your Professionalism In The Spotlight With Better Writing

I’ve been a professional writer since 1994, but I started writing for myself in 1980.

I’ve often thought that everyone could write well. But it was drawn to my attention that this was not true, and what’s more, that it could be fixed.

I also realised that I had a…

How To Become A Weapon Of Mass Creation

As a writer, the most frequent thing I hear at dinner table conversations (when we had such things) when I mention I have published books is, ‘Oh, I am writing a book too…’

But on further discussion, it emerges that the person has an idea for a book that they…

They were busy when I entered the room

A collection of half men

From high school

Primary school

Some from work

I can’t see what they are doing

Or hear what they are saying

As I approach

They recede into the gloom

Suddenly I’m at the bar

Drinking whiskey


David Chislett

I believe we are all creative. I use my experience — poet, musician, trainer— & the latest research into creativity to help you discover yours

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