Love Kills

David Chislett
Jan 26, 2021


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Love hurts

Love confuses

Love kills

Off any lingering doubts

While bringing into question

Whatever certainty you enjoyed.

It rearranges


And deludes us

Love kills

The old roads that we wandered

Next to cliffs, jungles and wild animals

Tames the snarling lion inside


Love roars

Love wails

Love kills

The broad perspective

The will to take it slow and just be friends

The sleeping around with no regrets

Love flames

Love consumes

Love kills

The seeping infections of a million broken hearts

Sanitises my cynicism

And disarms the castle of my soul

Everything that love has killed

Has stripped away the junk

Stuck to my heart

Love kills

I throw myself onto its blade.



David Chislett

I believe we are all creative. I use my experience — poet, musician, trainer— & the latest research into creativity to help you discover yours